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Here you can find important questions and answers from our experts to help you during the buying and selling process.

What is an extract from the land register or ownership certificate?

An extract from the land registry is a public document that is issued on the book status of the land registry body, it shows the factual and legal status of the real estate at the time of issuing the extract, and it is the only proof of the right of ownership of a real estate.

What is a cadastral certificate?

The cadastral certificate shows the ownership status and is not proof of ownership of the real estate. Who is the owner of the property can be seen from the land registry insert, which is called ownership certificate.

What is the Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

At its core, the contract for the sale of real estate is a fairly simple document, according to which the seller undertakes to hand over ownership of the property in question to the buyer in exchange for a previously agreed price. Of course, the buyer must be able to transfer ownership rights to himself and come into possession of the property. This type of contract is valid only in written form and must be certified by a notary public.

What is the pre-contract and how much is the down payment?

The preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of real estate is a contract that assumes the obligation to conclude the main contract for the sale of real estate at a later date. If, before the final sale, some matters regarding the real estate need to be settled (property settled, encumbrances cleared, parcel of land divided, condominiums,…) or the buyer must obtain a loan, then it is advisable to conclude a pre-contract first, and when that obstacle is resolved, the main contract for the purchase and sale of real estate. As a rule, the down payment is 10% of the purchase price or as agreed between the buyer and the seller.

What is a tabular statement?

Tabular statement or clausula intabulandi is a document by which the seller of the real estate confirms that he has received the agreed purchase price and that the buyer can be registered as the owner of the real estate in the land register. The tabular statement must also be certified by a notary public.

What is an energy certificate?

An energy certificate is a document that states the energy properties of a property (heating, carpentry, quality of walls, air conditioning…), and contains energy class, information about the authorised person who issued the certificate, thermotechnical properties, climate data and explanations of technical terms. In the Republic of Croatia, energy certification is legally mandatory.

What to pay attention to when buying land?

After you have found the land on which you plan to build an object, before the realization of the sale it is necessary to check whether the property is in order, whether the land is located in the construction zone according to the competent spatial plan and whether the land has access to a public road or an access road. It is also important to check whether there is access to communal infrastructure – electricity, water and drainage – in the vicinity of the land.

Can foreigners buy real estate in the Republic of Croatia?

Foreigners can buy real estate in the Republic of Croatia, i.e. acquire the right to own real estate if they are citizens and legal entities of a country with which there is reciprocity for acquiring the right to own real estate in the Republic of Croatia, with the prior consent of the Ministry of Justice and the Administration of the Republic of Croatia.

Citizens and legal entities from the member states of the European Union can acquire the right of ownership of real estate under the conditions that apply to the acquisition of ownership rights for citizens of the Republic of Croatia and legal entities with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia.

What is real estate transfer tax?

The real estate transfer tax is paid by the real estate buyer and amounts to 3% of the tax base determined by the competent Tax Administration. The tax base is the market value of the real estate at the time of the tax liability. If the real estate is in the VAT system, the buyer does not pay real estate transfer tax.

What are the additional costs when buying real estate in Croatia?

In addition to the agreed purchase price, the buyer of the property must count on the following costs:
– agency fee = 2 to 4% of the purchase price + VAT
– cost of notary public for real estate sales contract, tabular statement and registration of ownership rights = approx. 50 – 60 EUR
– real estate transfer tax = 3% of the purchase price
– annual tax on holiday homes = approx. 2 EUR/m2 (paid once a year)

One-time costs = Purchase price + approx. 6%

How much is the agency fee at the San Patrik real estate agency?

San Patrik Real Estate Agency charges the agency fee when selling real estate from the real estate seller and amounts to between 3 and 5% of the realised purchase price. The agency fee when buying real estate is charged from the buyer and amounts to between 2 and 4% of the realised purchase price.

Is San Patrik a licensed agency?

The company Nobilis Expo d.o.o. (OIB: 53047404709) from activity 6831 Agency for real estate business, is the owner of the brand San Patrik nekretnine and YES it is registered in the authorised register of agencies at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce under registration number 80812064.